Is Your Onboarding Process Chaotic or Disorganized?

Jill’s office is a mess.  There are papers everywhere and no rhyme or reason to her paper or electronic filing systems.  Tom’s office is also a mess, but within ten minutes he can put everything in its proper place.

The difference between Jill and Tom may not look like much if you were to walk past their offices when papers are everywhere, but there is a big difference lurking below.  Jill’s office is in a state of chaos.  Tom’s is in a temporary state of disorganization.

Chaos does not make any sense and is therefore very difficult to dig yourself out of whereas disorganization makes sense, but feels out of control because things are out of order for the moment.

Is your Onboarding system chaotic or disorganized for the moment?

As we approach the New Year with the anticipation of starting fresh, it is a good time to clear out any clutter that holds you back and weighs you down.  It is also a perfect time to review all of your current Onboarding systems and procedures to clear out whatever is nonessential.  Clear the clutter out of the structures that are meant to ramp up top performers fast, or weed out non-performer fast.

How do you know if your Onboarding system is chaotic or disorganized?

Your Onboarding system is chaotic if:

  • You think to yourself, “What Onboarding process?”
  • Your main strategy is to have a new hire “watch and learn”
  • You think “sink or swim” worked for you so it should work for them too
  • You procrastinate when it comes to hiring

Your Onboarding system is disorganized if:

  • It takes more than 3 hours to pull together all the information a new hire needs
  • You have some documentation, but it needs updating
  • Your Onboarding tools are spread out beyond one central location
  • You have to find something somewhere that you need for Onboarding, but you have no idea where the information is hiding

Imagine the possibilities if your chaotic Onboarding system was merely disorganized.  Imagine the possibilities if your disorganized Onboarding system was organized.  Now imagine the possibilities if your organized Onboarding system was thorough, creative and wildly successful.  It is possible.  All it takes is some focused effort and once it is done, it’s done.  it is easier to clean up clutter and get back to work if you have the structures in place to put everything away neatly.  When it comes to Onboarding, it is easier for your new hire to get to work when they have an organized plan to follow.

Make a commitment to add structure to a chaotic Onboarding process before the year is up, even if you don’t currently have plans to hire.  With that process organized, you will be on the path to accomplishing all of the other goals you will be setting in the next few weeks to start 2016 right.