The Merit-based Onboarding Methodology™




    • HIRING

Expose the gaps in your current systems

  • Review Current Materials

    We review all of your processes, documentation, employee handbook, email or written communication, checklists, agendas, scripts, flowcharts, training videos, company values, culture, recognition and retention programs, etc. We survey your team, talk with management and conduct online research about your company/ brand.

  • Assess Current Results

    We assess your results based on your completed on-line survey and in-depth conversations with your team.

  • Compare Your Processes

    We compare your processes and results to see how they Measure-Up against the best-in-class processes for hiring, onboarding, selling and retention.

  • Gap Analysis Report

    You receive a complete gap analysis report highlighting our recommendations for re-designing or refining your current processes.



Proprietary tools to hire smart, decrease turnover and increase sales staff ROI

  • Hiring Tools/ Mechanics

    We map out a specific process to help you identify the ideal candidate

    · Clarifying “B.E.S.T.” attributes of the Ideal Candidate

    · Crafting job posts & referral requests for Ideal Candidate

    · Screening Candidates- choosing the right assessment, phone screen, resume review, drafting interview questions and identifying good/ bad answers

    · Assessing Findings based on data vs. gut feel

    · Making & Declining Offers Powerfully because your company reputation is at stake

  • Onboarding Tools/ Mechanics

    We design your onboarding experience from day one to fully efficient

    · Expectations- start with the end in mind- what happens when onboarding is over?

    · Learning Components- ensure you have content for each expectation

    · Quizzes/ Exams- test the proficiency level of new hires

    · Surveys- consistently learn from participant’s experience how to improve process

    · Company Values- infuse your entire process with your company values

    · Day One Design- deliberately design the first day that stands out & communicates company values

  • Sales Process Tools/ Mechanics

    We make sure your sales process is clearly defined

    · Sales Compensation- your compensation plan is directly related to your expectations and overall strategy of business growth

    · Sales Metrics Management- what you measure matters. Measuring too much or not enough will impact your sales numbers and profitability

    · Sales Management Coaching- supporting managers to get the most out of the team

    · Sales Process Flowchart- map out the entire sales process from prospect to repeat client and referrer. New salespeople can’t execute a process that does not exist.

    · Sales Process Training- We design the specific training modules your new salespeople need to effectively progress through your sales process

    · Ideal Client Profile- New salespeople don’t waste time calling on the wrong prospects so you get ROI faster.

  • Retention Programs/ Mechanics

    · Acknowledgement Programs- beyond compensation, how you reward results

    · Appreciation Programs- how you reward above & beyond effort

    · Formal & Informal recognition programs- consistent or varied by manager or department and consistent with your culture

    · Career Path- documented paths to professional advancement

    · Personal Growth- how you help people learn, grow and improve in skills, leadership or other areas important to employee



We become part of your team to ensure a successful roll-out

  • Hiring Process

    · Implement/analyze candidate screening tools and provide important feedback

    · Review & discuss potential candidates

    · Conduct phone interviews

    · Work with your recruiter to ensure they understand the onboarding process of new hire

    · Tweak process as you work through it in the real world

  • Onboarding Process

    · Simulate a new hire completing the entire process

    · Review all surveys from participants who completed onboarding process

    · Implement relevant ideas from surveys into programs

    · Recommend enhancements to program and provide resources for fulfillment

    · Tweak process as you work through it in the real world

    · We’ve even sent our team in the field with new hires to experience the process first hand!

    · Undercover New Hire- test your team with a “real” candidate then reveal results at the end of the 1-2 days on-site

  • Sales Process

    · Team Sales Training (virtual and on-site)- sales 101 and advanced selling strategies on a wide variety of topics

    · Emotionally Intelligent Sales Teams & Sales Managers – assessments & training incorporating the principles of Emotional Intelligence into sales and management

  • Retention Programs/ Mechanics

    · Acknowledgement Programs to reward achievement

    · Appreciation Programs to reward effort

    · Career Advancement Programs to develop people

    · Mentor Programs to inspire leadership and develop talent

    · Culture & Connections Programs to foster relationships and teamwork



Make the slight adjustments that increase your bottom-line

  • Hiring Process

    · Secret shop hiring managers and provide feedback report

    · Conduct new hire &/or candidate phone survey for company feedback

  • Onboarding Process

    · Periodically review all program content to make necessary updates based on personnel or system changes

    · Build additional onboarding programs for additional positions

    · Modify specific onboarding programs for different levels of experience

    · Re-boarding existing employees for re-engagement

    · Updating onboarding content for cultural or changes in company values

    · Reinventing amazing “Day One on the Job” experiences to keep them fresh & fun

  • Sales Process

    · Ongoing Coaching Support for Sales Mangers

    · Outsourced Interim Sales Management – don’t rush to hire a sales manager, we can provide a sales manager with solid skills ready to step in while you search for the ideal permanent employee

  • Retention Process

    · Analyze turnover data

    · Survey employees to gather data about why they stay

    · Create additional programs aligned with company core values and culture